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24-Hour Service Department Ready to Respond
After hours, weekends, holidays and severe weather events

Prospect Waterproofing Company service department members respond quickly to roofing and
waterproofing needs, including:

  • Leak repairs
  • System repairs and modifications
  • Above and below grade repairs
  • Grout injection leak repairs

We have a minimum of two crews ready to go when you need them. During severe weather events, the entire department is on call and ready to respond.

Maintain Manufacturers' Warranties
Our experienced service crews specialize in testing, diagnosing and correcting water infiltration problems.

As approved applicators of most roofing and waterproofing systems, our repairs maintain the manufacturers' existing warranties. 

Enroll in Preventative Maintenance Program
During periodic inspections, a trained Prospect specialist assesses the waterproofing assembly, reports on its condition and makes necessary repairs.

Roof System Database
Enroll in Prospect’s Preventative Maintenance Program and get access to an online database with complete repair records, including repair frequency and historical/projected repair costs.

Use this information to prepare budgets and compare costs of continued repair versus replacement.

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